When I first heard about Brink and the concept behind it I was doubtful while hopeful that this may be the fresh serving of originality that the over flooded generic multiplayer first person shooter scene needed. Brink has been hyped up over these past couple of months and while everyone was expecting it to be a monumental multiplayer class based experience, I can finally say that it isn’t. However, Brink is still a good fun team based game with a few problems taking away from the sought after Blockbuster hit that everyone was hoping for.
    Brink’s story isn’t a great one, but it does what it is supposed to. Simply put there is a place called the Ark which is the site of conflict between The Resistance and Security. The Resistance are fighting to leave and destroy the Ark while Security is trying to protect it. Brink features two campaigns one for the Resistance and one for Security which you can play through solo, in co-op, or versus. Both campaigns offer different perspectives on the story and after playing both you somewhat understand the point the game is trying to convey, but really don’t find any reason to care. With no characters to identify with and no plot line to actually care about there really is not point to Brink’s story or lack of for that matter. But story isn’t what Brink is about, it is about large-scale battles with a huge focus on team play which rewards players for being helpful and aiding their teammates with various objectives which will make the primary objective that much easier. This is where brink shines, while the game, dare I say it, sucks if played solo it ROCKS while played with other human players either in co-op or versus.
    Brink features an on the fly objective organizer where you can select which objective you would like to complete. For example, if the primary objective is to destroy the guard door, you can choose to go off and capture a health or supply control point, or go defend a shortcut or defuse a charge on said shortcut. By simply holding up on the D-pad you will see all the objectives that need to be completed by your team and how many members are doing them so if you feel too many people are doing one thing you can go do something else, just make sure you have a partner with you in case you encounter any enemy players, never be caught alone in Brink. The objectives in Brink are class specific and will require either a Soldier, Engineer, Operative, or Medic to complete. You can switch to any class at any time at a friendly controlled control point to complete the objective. This is a great system and requires teamwork for a functional fluid experience. Unlike other popular multiplayer games, Brink requires communication and coordination to have any hope of success and most of all it requires balance between classes. You will never find one team of all soldiers or one team of all engineers which keeps matches balanced and fun while allowing you to feel like a key part of the team. No matter what role you play, you are always relied on for something whether it be planting the charge on the door as a soldier, placing turrets in defense of an objective as an engineer, hacking a terminal as an operative or reviving a fallen teammate as a medic Brink always makes you feel like you are part of a team, not just a number on the scoreboard.

Hockey Mask? You get 5 cool points.

    One of the coolest parts of brink is the character customization and weapon customization which allows you to customize your character from everything to the color of your hockey mask (YES A HOCKEY MASK!) to the color of your hair. Brink makes sure that your character feels unique and the amount of customization available assures that you will never see another one of you running around the ark. The weapons customization is also very cool, while you can’t customize the color of your weapons you can pick different muzzles for different muzzle fire patterns on your gun, grips, launchers, silencers, various types of scopes, straps, different sized magazines from standard to round drums, and rapid fire settings for certain guns. All these options for your weapons allow you to customize your weapon to your play style allowing for anyone to pick up Brink and make it specifically catered to their needs. As you level up and complete challenges you unlock various weapons, outfits, and abilities. When you gain a level you achieve a level point which you can use to unlock various abilities for the 4 different classes or general ones. For example the medics resupply ability allows a medic to give some of his supplies to another player which will fill their supply meter so they can use their abilities. A general ability for example is the ability to see which direction someone is aiming at you from allowing for you to make a quick run for it and try to flank them. You are able to choose which abilities you feel will be useful to your play style and classes you like to use. However, if you make a wrong choice, don’t worry you can re-spec at the cost of one level.

"For the Ark!!!"

    On the technical side of Brink, it is pretty solid. The gun play is great, the movement is fluid and responsive, simply put everything you would expect from a good shooter. Brink also adds a new mechanic called SMART which allows for movement across various terrain it is basically a parkour button allowing you to climb up various objects run and jump from high places and move around the map like you have never seen or been able to do before. The ability of your movement is limited to your body type, which you can pick from the character customization menu and can be changed at any time. The heavy body type is limited to running and vaulting over waist level obstacles, the medium body type can climb and sprint, and the light body type can run, climb, wall jump, and overall get around faster. However, the smaller the body type, the less health you have so experimentation is needed to figure out what body best suits your style of play.
    Some of the problems I had with brink were the graphics and texture issues, while brink looks amazing during in-game cut scenes that use the in-game engine, during game play textures can pop in and out, character models aren’t as sharp as they could be, and colors can get muddy at times. Sometimes the maps can be misleading aswell, you may think you can climb up a certain area of the map or make that jump across the gap and it turns out you can’t which can be really frustrating while trying to get away from an enemy.

"Sure is a pretty tower boss..." "Yo foo, imma slap you! Blow that S*$% UP!"

    Despite Brinks issues it still manages to be a fun unique multiplayer experience that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you enjoy games like Team Fortress 2, or any other class based team shooter you will definitely find something to like in Brink. Overall Brink is a great package featuring lots of unlocks and customization options. Completionists will be able to sink months into Brink by completing challenges, reaching the level cap of 50, and unlocking all the outfits, weapons, and weapon attachments. There is enough to do and unlock in Brink to keep you coming back for more. Overall, I recommend Brink for anyone looking for a fresh unique shooter.

Gameplay– 7.5/10

– An overall smooth experience with a few issues with the SMART navigation system.

 Graphics– 7/10

– Brink is not the best looking game however it does what it has to in the graphic department some texture and character model issues hold the games unique art style from fully shining through.

Sound– 8.5/10

– The sound is simply amazing in brink the guns sound powerful and life and the environmental sounds around you sound as they would in real life. However, lack of dialogue and recycled lines really hold Brink back from scoring a 9 in the sound department.

Replayability– 8/10

– Lots to do, lots to unlock, Brink will spend a while in your disk tray.

 Presentation– 7/10

– Brink has okay menus which can be weird to navigate at times, however the player in-game interface is great.



Brink has a few issues that hold it back from being the huge hit game it could have been, however Brink is still fun, plays well and will have you coming back for more.